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Prestige Doors

Our collection of polyester/vinyl wrapped doors. The five piece construction creates the same natural highlights and shadows found on a wood door. The tight mitres and grain direction lead one to believe it’s the real McCoy.

Available in square profiles only. Glass door are frame only designs.

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Product Description

Pricing for all doors, drawer fronts, panels and fillers is based on the square footage of each piece. The square foot price is determined by the choice of series and finish. Pricing on accessories is per piece.

For door styles and color selection see the Prestige Brochure.

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To get a Quote on Prestige doors simply download the quote/order form (excel format) below, fill it out and email it to us at You will normally receive a reply including shipping within 24 hours.

Prestige (Imperial) April 2015

Prestige (Metric) April 2015